Free Consultations and Assistance

I offer free consultations, assistance and advice on Twitter and through my chat system. ¬†There are a few limitations to what I can offer for free, however, and I’ll let you know when we’re getting into the realm of paid work.

Free help generally is:

  • Providing links to resources that answer your questions.
  • Suggesting a plugin, script, etc.
  • Advising if something is possible.
  • Giving my opinion on plugins, scripts, etc.
  • Providing steps for you to troubleshoot your code.

We get into the area of paid assistance where:

  • I need to actually go on your website to change something myself.
  • The question/problem is complex or very broad.
  • There is more than one or two¬†problems or issues involved.

You can ask for free help in three ways:

  • Via my private chat, accessed by the “Click Here to Get Help” link on the bottom right of my site.
  • Via Twitter at my handle @dianeensey
  • Via email.

If you are happy with my help, I’ll probably ask you to leave a quick review/rating for my testimonials.