Have an idea for your site, but won’t sure it will work?  Want to add functionality to your site, but not sure where to start?  Have questions about WordPress or your eCommerce application?

Let’s Talk

Using a screen-sharing application called we can talk on the phone while I navigate your site and you view exactly what I’m seeing and doing – as if you were sitting in front of my computer.  During our conversation I can take notes and create an action plan right before your eyes.


I use in all of my WordPress training sessions.  While I step through a checklist of managing your site, you can watch and take notes.  I can even pass control of the mouse to you and coach you while you make changes!

Website Review

In a website review I go through your site page by page, looking for problems and noting places where I feel you can add functionality.  I provide you a written report and an a la carte list of costs if you choose to use me to make the changes.

Interested in a consultation?  Email me today and get 1/2 off you first hour!