5 Reasons Your Website Needs a Blog

The majority of the sites I work on do not have blogs, though I point out to the owners that they are missing the opportunity to maximize their site value.  Perhaps I’m not persuasive enough, so let’s discuss why blogs are an important part of every website.

Use a blog to position yourself as an expertConnect With Customers With Your Blog

Customer satisfaction is all about relationship building and relationships are built on communication.  Use your blog to write the stories behind your business, highlight products or introduce an employee.  I would find it fascinating to find out that your shop welder has worked for you for 30 years and follows a line of welders back to his grandfather.  One of my clients sells orchids – articles about different orchids and how they got their names would be fascinating.

A Blog Can Improve Your Search Engine Standing

Blog regularly and you are essentially adding content to your site, along with more keywords.  Search engines love sites that are updated regularly and you will love the results if you write content that contains keywords for which you want people to find you.  As an example, my business is about WordPress, application development, form handlers and consultation.  You’ll see lots of blog posts about WordPress; plugins, themes, how-tos, etc. because I want to rank higher in search engines when people are searching for WordPress-related terms.

Position Yourself As An Expert

If you are successful in your business it is because you are expert at something.  You need to let other people know you are the expert so they know to come to you for your services or your goods, right?  Blog about all aspects of whatever you are expert in.  One client designs jewelry.  She could blog about finding just the right stones and beads, the difference between sterling silver and pure silver, care of jewelry, or even ancient jewelry making techniques.  She needs to position herself as a jewelry expert!  Another client makes holsters and other gun wear.  He really is an expert at leather working and could blog about leather weights and quality, stitching styles and materials, dying and other coloration methods and even how he creates his designs.

A Blog Gives Your Business Personality

SchlitzBeerClaudeHopkins BlogIf you follow the first three tips you will give your business a personality, and people relate to personalities.  I have a certain espresso stand I buy coffee from because of its personality.  I love the decorations, the cheery baristas, the way they remember all of their customers and the funny pictures they post on Facebook, so I travel across town to buy lattes from them even though I pass at least 5 other coffee stands on my way.  Pro Tip:  I’m not buying the coffee – I’m buying the experience, the personality.

Blogs Compliment Your PR and Advertising Strategies

If you already advertise or have public relations work done, blogging will complement those strategies.  A series of blog posts can set the stage for a new ad campaign, talk about the ad campaign and then, afterwards, talk about the results (yes, really).  Talk about your competitor’s advertising and explain why you are different.  Most of all, talk about your products.  Claude Hopkins in My Life in Advertising talked about how he wrote a Schlitz beer ad and talked about the purity of the beer, the care that went into the water, the wheat.  Well, all beer goes through the same process, but he was the first to really talk about it in his ad copy.  Schlitz sales went through the roof.  Talk about your products, your services.  Let me know how your sales go.

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