Getting Map Coordinates

I do a lot of map applications where an admin can enter information about a location, business or event and have it appear on a map. In the past I’ve simply coded in a module where the admin enters the address of the location and the latitude/longitude are added to the database for that location. In some cases, however, there isn’t an address. For example, the White Pass Byway displays scenic view information along the highway.

In my newest iteration of the admin interface I’ve added a module that allows user to set the latitude/longitude three ways: by street address, by manually entering the latitude and longitude or by clicking on the location on a map.

All of Google Maps usual functions are available such as zooming in or out, move the map around, and using the satellite view.

While not particularly difficult to implement, it is nice to have all these components in one module that can be added to an application easily.

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