Add Your Contact Information Above the Fold on Your Responsive Website

A colleague just sent me this article from Marketing Vox which talks about needing a mobile-friendly site.  What caught my attention was this:

DudaMobile in February reported that nearly 20% of visits to small business sites led to an immediate call to the business (e.g. with click-to-call), with some local businesses skewing much higher (e.g., pizzerias at 32%, car services at 27.8%). But businesses have to earn that call with a mobile-friendly site that puts that phone number above the fold and in eyeshot.

I know that when I search for a business on my smartphone I’m looking to get in touch with them immediately.  I want their phone number, hours of operation or address without a bunch of clicking around.  Easily done!  I added a block with contact information on my bpEnigma responsive template.  When viewed on a computer or tablet you will see this:

But on a smartphone you will see the contact information right below the navigation (it could easily be above):

I strong suggest you add this to your own responsive websites – especially if you are brick and mortar.  Make it easy for people to find you!

Note:  My template bpEnigma can be found here.  There is a link to a demo on that page.  To see the responsive nature of the template just make your browser as narrow as possible.

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