Review: Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Gen) and Alexa

Star Trek and science fiction prepared me as a child for computers with voice activation.  Who wouldn’t like to get information my asking a question?  How about manage a connected home with just a few phrases?  Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa and its... read more

Subtle (or not so) Background Animation

Recently my computer updated and while the updates were running a message appeared on the screen with a blue background.  The background kind of pulsed from light to dark blue and looked really neat.  It got me thinking how to make something similar for a website. As... read more

The Danger of Free WordPress Themes

I was recently asked to assist a new client in restoring their hacked website.  The client is a small alternative medicine practice with a self-hosted WordPress installation that seemed to suddenly have developed a mind of its own.  Banner ads appeared without... read more

Removing Image Links in WordPress

By default WordPress adds a link to images you upload and place in posts and pages.  The link just goes to a page that shows the image.  This behavior is undesirable for two reasons. First, it is unexpected behavior.  Users expect links to take them somewhere useful... read more

Don’t Trust Friends Who “Know About WordPress”

It has now happened for the fourth time.  I received an email from a client for whom I set up a WordPress site.  Instead of contracting with me to move their site, they went with their friend/teenager/employee/volunteer who “knew about WordPress”.  They... read more