BP Post to Google Map Premium – Post Pages

Map markers are created from Posts.  To add a map marker for a post go to Posts->All Posts and choose the Post you want to add a map marker for.

Scroll down the page until you see the BP Post to Google Map box.  Click the Add Post to Map checkbox to display the options.


BP Post to Google Map Premium has a built-in geocoder.  Simply type in an address and the latitude and longitude will be populated.  If you already know the latitude and longitude you can type it in.

Choosing a Map Marker

BP Post to Google Map Premium comes with 91 map markers and the option to use your own custom map marker.  To choose a built-in marker select the marker from the drop-down box.  As you select a marker it will appear to the right of the select box.

You can also use a custom marker.  There are several sources on the internet; I suggest Map Icons Collection.  To use a custom marker from this source:

  • Right-click on an icon and download it to your computer.
  • In your admin dashboard go to Media->Add New
  • Upload the icon to your library
  • In your media library, click on the icon you uploaded


  • From the popup that appears, copy the URL of the icon


  • And paste it into the “URL for custom marker” box


Remember to save the updates to your post!

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