BP Expire Category

BP Expire Category Post Edit Metabox Automatically removes a category from a Post on the specified date. Neither the Post nor the category are altered – just removes the relationship. Use for expiring news, upcoming events, or alerts. Lightweight, easy to use.

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BP Post to Google Map

banner-772x250Display posts by location!  With this plugin you can choose to add latitude/longitude to posts to display them on a Google Map.  Embed the Google Map with a shortcode on any page/post on your site.  Clicking on map markers brings up an info window (popup) with the title, featured image and post excerpt. You can choose what content to show in the info window and set the map’s centering and initial zoom level.

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BP Pretty Quote

screenshot-1BP Pretty Quote provides shortcodes that result in nicely formatted quote blocks.

There are 7 styles of quote blocks to choose from, including four which use images.

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