BP Post to Google Map Premium Installation

Note: If you are upgrading from the free version, please update to the most recent version of the plugin prior to upgrading. Once you have the current free version, please deactivate it prior to activating the premium version. After the upgrade, you can safely remove the free version as you no longer need it. The steps below will remind you to deactivate the free plugin and when it’s safe to remove it.
When you have purchased the plugin you will receive an email with your license key and a link to download the plugin, which looks like this:
You can download the zip file mentioned in this email and upload it into your WordPress installation. To do this, go to Plugins → Add New and click the Upload tab:


On this page, click “Choose file”, select the zip file and upload it by clicking the “Install Now” button:


When it’s uploaded do not click “Activate Plugin” if you’ve already installed BP Post to Google Map. Instead, return to the plugins page to deactivate BP Post to Google Map.

If you didn’t have BP Post to Google Map installed or after you’ve deactivated BP Post to Google Map, click Activate on BP Post to Google Map Premium.



If you’ve updated the free BP Post to Google Map plugin, you can now safely delete this plugin after activating BP Post to Google Map Premium. Your settings will be safe.

Activate Your License

Go to Settings → BP Post to Google Map Premium → Licenses (tab) and enter your BP Post to Google Map Premium license key, this gives you full functionality and ensures plugin updates will work.

Go to the Licenses-tab which looks as follows. Now enter your license key and press Activate License.



Your license should now be activated and the screen should look like this.


If you see the green notice, you’ve successfully installed BP Post to Google Map Premium!

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