BP Post to Google Map Premium – Settings Page

BP Post to Google Map Premium is easy to set up.  The general settings can be found on the admin dashboard under Settings -> BP Post to Google Map Premium.

Click on the General Settings tab.

Map Infowindow Settings


The Map Infowindow refers to the popup that occurs when someone clicks on the map marker.  You can choose what you want to display in the popup.

  • Show Title – The title of your post as a link to your post
  • Show Featured Image – Shows a thumbnail of the featured image
  • Show Image on Right – Changes the default display of the featured image from centered at the top to float right
  • Show Excerpt – Includes the excerpt for your post.
  • Show Read More link – shows “read more…” linked to your post.

Map Defaults

Next you will want to change the center point of the map and the zoom level.  BP Post to Google Maps Premium provides geocoding – just enter an address and click the “Get Lat/Lng” button and the Latitude and Longitude will be populate the appropriate boxes.

To get the best response from geocoding, use one of the following

  • A street address, city and state,
  • A city and state,
  • A city and country,
  • A country

The zoom level starts at 0 which displays the entire earth, repeated for the width of the map.  You may have to experiment with the perfect zoom level.  I suggest starting at 8.

Save Your Changes

Make sure you click on “Save Changes” so that your settings are saved!

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