Busy Friday Round Up

Things are rocking here, so instead of a thoughtful post I’m going to cop out and share the tabs that are open in my browser right now.  When I see something I want to come back to I just open it in a separate tab, but so far I haven’t gotten to any of these today:

Top 10 Free Responsive WordPress Themes – professionally interested in seeing how other people code responsive websites and WordPress themes.

Digging Into WordPress 3.4 – I want to see if this is worth reading or just reiterates everything I already know.

New Free Textures for Your Delight – To add to my Textures Listly

How to Monetize Your WordPress Posts with 1 Easy-To-Use Plugin – Really?

The Best WordPress Related Websites On the Internet –  If I’m not following them in Google Reader, I want to add them.

10 Cool jQuery Flyout Menu Plugins –  Because I always seem to need one that does something just slightly different.

Hopefully I can get to these this weekend….though I’m seriously thinking about taking a no-tech weekend.

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