Color Palettes Made Easy with Lavish

I’m not a designer – I wish I were, but I lack the creative spark and artistic eye that designers have.  I especially envy designer’s ability to put colors together that look terrific.  Then I discovered Lavish.

With Lavish you upload a photograph with color and a feeling that you’d like to have in your website.  Lavish then picks out a palette of colors from the photograph.  The colors look great together, but Lavish doesn’t stop there.  It also creates bootstrap-compatible CSS that you can add to your site!  You could probably also use with, with some tweaking, with a regular site.  Just copy the CSS into a file called lavish-style.css and save onto your hosting site.  If you are using WordPress, save in your theme file.  In your header file add the following code after any other CSS stylesheets:

<link rel=“stylesheet” type=“text/css” href=“lavish-style.css”>

Before copying the css you do have the option of editing the colors and reassigning them to parts of your site (links, titles, etc).

Color Palette Examples

The key to getting a good color palette using Lavish is to choose an image that really matches the feeling you want to evoke when someone visits you site.  If you want a calm, subdued feeling, this might work:

color palette generated by Lavish

Maybe you want something more vibrant, evoking a carnival midway:

color palette generated by Lavish

Or out of this world:

color palette generated by Lavish

I could do this all day, but you get the idea.  Giving your site a new color theme is simple with Lavish!


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