Custom Map Markers, Geocoding for Google Map and WordPress

Custom Map Markers, Geocoding for Google Map and WordPress

BP Post to Google Map Premium is finally here!  This plugin builds from the basic version so that you can add customization to your Google Maps!



How It Works

Unlike most of the Google Map plugins in the WordPress repository, BP Post to Google Map (the free version) lets you add latitude and longitude to individual Posts.  If a Post has lat/lng, then it shows up on a Google Map which you can display on any WordPress Post or Page with a shortcode.  A default map marker in red with a dot is used on the map.

The premium version lets you choose one of 91 different map markers or upload your own custom map marker.


Have a local community site?  Use custom markers to distinguish between coffee shops and retail stores.  Write about travel?  Use a custom marker to denote an image or gallery post, another to denote full stories, another to show hotel or restaurant reviews.


For your own custom markers you can design your own or go to a site like Map Icons Collection which has thousands of map icons for free, some of which you can customize with different colors or backgrounds.


Geocoding is Built In

In the free version you need leave WordPress to determine the latitude and longitude for your Posts.  The premium version eliminates this by including Google’s own geocoding application.  Coordinates can be determined many different ways:

  • By street address, city and state
  • By city and state
  • By state
  • By city and country (for unique cities)
  • By country
  • By unique attraction (Disneyland Paris, Mt Fuji, or The Kremlin)

Display Map by Category

You can even display maps organized by Post category.  Let’s say you run a regional travel site and have posts about lodging, hiking, scenic attractions, camping and shopping.  You could show all of your posts on one map and have individual maps that show just lodgings or just scenic attractions.  Just add the category slug to the map shortcode [[bpmap catslug=’lodgings’]]

Premium Support and Upgrades

Go premium and receive free upgrades and support for one year.  You can still use the plugin after the year is up, however you won’t be able to upgrade or get support without a license.

Buy Today and Save!

To celebrate my new plugin store and the release of BP Post to Google Map Premium you can save 20% until June 10th!  Use the discount code NEWPLUGIN at checkout to receive your discount!

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