Do You Schedule Your Social Media Posts?

I’m reading Web Automation, Part 1 a guide by and written by Rahul Saigal and one section got me thinking: automating social posts.

The whole idea of social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc) is its immediacy, so why would you schedule your posts?  The main reason to my mind is avoiding cluttering up your followers’ feed with a whole bunch of posts all at once.  Unlike me, you probably access Facebook once or twice a day and post and share everything on your mind all at once.  That quote you saw, a picture or two, posts from a couple of friends.  Right there you’ve posted 4-5 items in a row, all of which show up in your friend’s feeds at once.  How likely is it that all those posts are going to be really read?

A better idea is to space out your posts.  If you are posting to a Facebook page (not your profile), this is easy.  When you create the post there is a little clock icon to click on that walks you through setting the date and time you want your post to appear.

Posting to your profile page on Facebook or to Twitter requires a separate application.  I use Buffer which is free for once Facebook account and one Twitter handle (I actually pay for an extended plan so I can schedule posts to my Facebook page as well as my profile).  The interface is easy:

Here I have two Tweets scheduled to post at different times.  You can see on the Beyond Paper Facebook tab I have one post scheduled.

So, let’s look at how this works in your world.  When you sign in to check Facebook you can post immediately and then switch over to Buffer and enter your remaining posts to occur over a period of time.  Schedule as many as you want and your friends’ feeds won’t look like you are spamming them!




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