How Can I Use Google Fonts in my Posts/Pages?

Install the Google Font Manager plugin.

Immediately a new box called “Font Family” will be added to your Post/Page editor with web-safe fonts.  You can use any of these fonts by highlighting the text you want to apply the font to and then selecting a font:


Go to Settings->Google Font Manager.

You will need to get a Google Developer API key.  The developer has put together a good video that walks you through the process.  Click on the question mark in the tabs and watch the video:


Once you have the API credentials entered you can start choosing the fonts you want to use.  The plugin editor suggests limited yourself to 5 fonts (in addition to the web-safe fonts included in the plugin).  More fonts may slow down your site and cause performance issues.

To add fonts, first review your choice of fonts at Google Fonts.  Make note of the name(s) of the fonts you want to add.

To add new fonts go to Settings->Google Font Manager
On the Right you can type in the name of the Google Font you want to use on your site.
In the column on the right type in the name of the font you want to choose and then click on the popup.
It will be added to the main content box.
I’m adding “Oswald” to this site, and if I open a the post editor and look in the dropdown box I can see that “Oswald” is now selectable.
To remove a font, just click on the “x”.
However – if you remove a font that you have used in a Post or Page that font will revert to a default font – it will remove it altogether from the site!

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