How Do I Log In to WordPress

Before you log in you will need your username and password.  If you had someone set WordPress up for you, they should have provided you with a URL, a username and password.  If you used an automatic installation process through your web hosting, you probably got your login information via email.   If you have all three of these, great!  Continue on after the next section.

I don’t have my URL

There are a couple of things you can try to find you login URL.  Try typing each of these URLs into your browser bar:
If none of these work, you are going to need to contact the person who set up your WordPress for you.  If for whatever reason you are uncomfortable doing this, contact me and I’ll quote you a price to find the URL.

Logging In

WordPress runs in your browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, FireFox, Safari, etc), so open your browser and in the URL bar type in your complete URL.
You should come to a page that looks similar to this.  If you have a hot designer, the page may look slightly different – perhaps branded with your logo, but there will be a place for your username and password.  Type them in and click on “Log In”.
If it worked, you will be at the Dashboard!

I’m Not at the Dashboard!

Recheck your username and password.  Type each EXACTLY as given to you – capitalization and extra spaces matter!  Still doesn’t work?  Try clicking on “I forgot my password” and entering your email address.  Whether this works depends on if the person who set up your WordPress installation entered your email correctly.  If you do not receive a reset password, or WordPress tells you it doesn’t recognize that email address, you will need to contact the person who set WordPress up for you, or contact me for a quote on getting it reset for you.


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