How Do I Put a MailChimp Email Signup Box on My WordPress Site?

First make sure you have set up a free MailChimp account.

From your WordPress admin dashboard, click on Plugins->Add New.

In the search box (upper right) type in MailChimp.

Choose the “MailChimp for WordPress” plugin and click on Install Now.


After the plugin installs click on Activate this Plugin.

Click on Settings (or MailChimp for WP in the left hand sidebar) and enter your MailChimp API Key.  This key is what connects your MailChimp Account to the plugin.

Configuring Sign-Up Form(s)

Go to MailChimp for WP > Forms

Select at least one of your MailChimp lists to subscribe to.

(Optional) Add more fields or dynamic content to your form using the add MailChimp field dropdown.  The basic setting just collects the email address.

Put this code [mc4wp_form]  in a post or page, save, and the form will appear!  Make sure you include the brackets!

MailChimp Widget

If you want the form to appear in a sidebar go to Appearance->Widgets and drag the MailChimp Sign-Up Form widget into the box where you want it to appear.


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