Why Does My WordPress Editor Use Only Half the Box?

This problem occurs when you are writing or editing a post or page.  Only half of the content edit box is used, and your text wraps around leaving the right side blank.



What is occurring here is that the theme has a stylesheet which is limiting the width of the text editing box.  To solve the problem go to Appearances->Editor.  Make sure your stylesheet is selected.



Scroll all the way to the bottom of the stylesheet, use your return key to make a new line and type in this code:

html .mceContentBody{
max-width: none !important;
width: 100% !important;

My WordPress Editor Still Looks Off

Take a look at the list of files on the right, under Templates.  Do you see editor-style.css?  If so, click on it.  If not you will need access to an FTP program where you can download this file and make edits.  Once you have access to the editor-style.css file:

Scroll down until you find  html .mceContentBody{

There will be an item called max-width: with a number after it and a px or % sign.  Replace the while thing (number and px or %) with none !important.

Still Not Working….

OK, this requires advanced knowledge.  You’ll need to download the functions.php file inside your theme folder on your web host.  Inside that file will be a line something like this:

add_editor_style( array( ‘css/editor-style.css’ ) );

There may be more information inside the parenthesis.  That is OK.  In front of this like type two slashes, like this:

//add_editor_style( array( ‘css/editor-style.css’, alwaysforever_font_url(), ‘genericons/genericons.css’ ) );

Save and upload the file.



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