Making Edits in WordPress: Identify the Page Name

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You want to make edits to a page on your WordPress site, but you aren’t sure what page to look for.  The best place to identify the page name is in the URL for the page you are looking at.

The Page URL

Look in your browser URL bar – everything after your domain name will tell you a lot about where your page is located.

The page name is usually found right after your domain name:



WordPress will add dashes to your page name if it contains more than one word.  So /about-us/ for your About Us page.

If you have subpages set up, the URL will contain the name of the main page and then the subpage:



Sometimes Pages Aren’t Pages

WordPress will create pages for category listings and for blogs – these virtual pages aren’t accessible from Dashboard->Pages.  Instead these virtual pages are created from Posts.  You will need to go to Dashboard->Posts and find the post.  For example, here is the URL for the page that shows all my posts in the category “news”.



The next example is my blog page – it lists all of my blog posts:


I’ve Identified the Page Name from the URL, Now What?

Log into WordPress Admin and from your Dashboard click on Pages->All Pages.  You’ll see a list of all of the pages on your site.  Using the name you got from the URL, you should be able to identify the page. Click Edit and do your thing!

I Need to Change How a Blog or Category Page Looks

This will require creating or editing a template and is beyond the scope of this FAQ.

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