Featured Article Rotator

Once visitors come to your site you want to keep them there as long as possible.  One way to do this is highlighting featured articles that are easy to click through and view.  This Featured Article Rotator takes three articles and uses a little animation to switch between them:

This would be extremely easy to implement in WordPress:

  • Use an article excerpt and “read more..” to display the text and encourage a click-through to the article
  • The image would use the featured image (you are using the “featured image” functionality aren’t you?)
  • Assign a category for featured articles.  The rotator would show a random selection of three articles from those marked as featured.

Note:  I’m going through a folder I have on my website called “inspiration”, making sure everything works, reformatting and tweaking.  In the process I’m finding neat little items like this one that I forgot I had.  It pays to go through your old folders! 

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