Form Handling

Contact forms, order forms, registration forms – easy to create, not so easy to protect or transmit the information.  Beyond Paper takes your form and can write custom validation to ensure only correct, safe data is being input.  Trouble with spammers?  We can install a Captcha for you to guard against automated form submissions.  Want your form sent to two different people?  Or ten plus your merchant account for payment processing?  We can do that as well.

Yakima Union Gospel Mission – This is a complex form with elements that only are added when needed.  It collects donation information and processes the payment through PayPal or the Mission’s merchant account provider.

Yakima Union Gospel Mission Contact form – a basic contact form with checkboxes to collect additional information.

Houston Lunar New Year – This group needed a signup form that would let people pick where they wanted to volunteer.  It shows which positions are still available and how many are needed and is updated automatically as volunteers register.

La Casa Hogar – An event registration form with options to pay via PayPal, by check, or have the organizers call for information.

JAC Recruitment – A multi-part form that collects employment information and then allows the applicant to upload a resume.  The information and resume are forwarded to the company and saved to a database.

Knight Hill Winery – An order form that calculates discounts, tax and shipping and then connects to a merchant account for payment.


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