Help Me Find WordPress Plugins to Make Your Life Easier

Help Me Find WordPress Plugins to Make Your Life Easier

Regular readers know that I write custom WordPress plugins.  Currently I have three plugins in the WordPress repository:

BP Post to Google Map also has a premium version which adds custom markers, geocoding and the ability to import GPX files or create coordinates for polylines for Google Maps.

Solving Problems

Each of these plugins were initially created to solve a problem for a client.  BP Pretty Quote was a collection of CSS formats I’d collected and which a client wanted to be able to insert into her blog easily.  BP Expire Category came about after a client wanted a “break news” category where posts would only be associated with the category for a specific period of time.  BP Post to Google Map was inspired by a sector of my clients that currently use custom-coded back end applications to manage Google Map markers for their tourism-based sites.  Their sites are +5 years old and I hope to switch them to WordPress.

Addressing Aggravations

I’m working on a plugin right now that addresses how difficult it is to find a particular page or post to edit.  The client that inspire this plugin has a deep, multi-layered page set up.  Lots of sub pages and sub sub pages.  Searching for a particular page is difficult because the search function looks at the content of the post or page, not just the title.

My work-around has been to log into the admin area and then, in a separate tab, find the page in the site and click on the “edit” link which appears when logged in as an admin.  The plugin I’m working on will add a drop-down filter box to the page/post listing.  This filter box has top-level pages in it – just pages that have sub-pages.  Filtering the list will show only the sub-pages for that top-level page.

Not only does this make it easier to find pages, it makes it easier to change the order of sub-pages.

What Plugin Would Make Your Life Easier

This is where you come in.  What plugin(s) would make your life easier?  I’m looking for more plugins to code for the (free) WordPress repository and need your inspiration.  Here are a few possibilities:

  • A popup calendar for the post scheduling box.  Why oh why isn’t this standard?
  • Some themes limit the amount of space used in your editing box to better match how the text will display.  How about a toggle that will switch between full-length lines and the limited width?

Let me know in the comments what plugins you would find useful.

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