How URLs Affect SEO

How URLs Affect SEO

There’s an excellent article over at by Neil Patel about URL structure.  While I encourage you to read the whole thing, here are some take-away points:

  1. Characters such as &, %, $, and @ in URLs make it more difficult for search engine to crawl.
  2. Use dashes not underscores in URLs.  With dashes Google sees separate words when looking for keywords.  With underscores Google runs the words together.
  3. Your total URL length should be between 32 and 50 characters (the whole URL)
  4. Having keyword in your URL is a “declining factor in rankings”.  It doesn’t hurt, but doesn’t necessarily help either.
  5. The number of subfolders in a URL is not a factor in search engine ranking.  However it may affect #3 above.

Read the entire article.


featured image by Chris Dlugosz via Flickr. CC 2.0

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