These are working examples of widgets and applications that you can include in your site.  They are designed to spur your imagination!

Thermometers Aren’t Just for Temperatures

Click to view demo

Click to view demo

Use a thermometer to graphically display the amount of donations received or points accumulated!  This thermometer could be adapted for any use!

Update: Yahoo has changed their weather API and this is currently not working. I have it on my list to fix!

Sidebar Slider

This is a simple slider that comes onto the page from the left or right, sliding out like a box.  Very effective for newsletter or contact forms.

Responsive ECommerce Grid

This awesome method of displaying ecommerce items comes from CoDrops, but I changed it up a bit.  The front and back of the item can be displayed as well as more information.  Try changing the size and color. The favorite button also works.  This would be an awesome way to display your goods! Additionally, resize your browser and see what happens!

News Tickers – Not Just for News

A news ticker can be used for any kind of attention-grabbing headlines.  Just in a few moments these are uses I came up with (remember, headlines in the ticker are clickable!):

  • Ecommerce site – Displaying new or sale item.
  • Blog – Display newest posts
  • Events – Display upcoming events
  • Fundraising – Display current status and ways to donate
  • Restaurant – Display today’s specials
  • Recreation – Display current weather conditions

Tickers can also display data from other sites – if there is an RSS feed, it can be included in a ticker easily.

Geocoding Made Simple

Geocoding takes a regular street address and finds the latitude and longitude so that location can be displayed on a map.  I do a lot of maps, and geocoding is a big part of that.  Sometimes it is built into the application, other times I just need to find the coordinates of something.  This little script just takes an address and returns the coordinates.

Stylish, User-Friendly Form Validation

This form script validates AND provides styling for forms. It isn’t the lightest-weight script, but it doesn’t seem to slow down your site and it contains just about anything you might need.  This is one where you need to click the image and view the demos to really see how it works.

Form Submission Animation

This flipform animation adds visual interest to a pretty vanilla form and lets your visitor know that the form has been submitted.  I can think of other uses for this form though – have a multi-page form?  Have the form flip to reveal the next step in the form!

Animation: Add Your Keywords to an Image

Imagine a large image with your focus keywords appearing and disappearing in random positions and sizes – that is what this neat little piece of code does. This would be ideal for a home page, but could be used in a sidebar as well. You can even change the background image AND the random text!