IQTELL Update: Mobile App for Productivity on the go

IQTELL Mobile App main screen

IQTELL Mobile App main screen

After using IQTELL for the desktop for the two weeks and getting a new, much faster smartphone (the LG G2), I decided to start using the new IQTELL mobile app.  Their first app was less than spectacular and I didn’t use it at all after seeing it didn’t include email.  The new app has added email support and I’m really enjoying being able to access my email and Next Actions wherever I am.  My workflow has even changed a bit to integrate mobile usage.

During the day I’m usually in front of my computer and I have the desktop app open in my browser all through the day.  The mobile app really works for me in the evenings and weekends when I’m away from my desk.  These are the times all of those “I need to…” thoughts come out and distract me from my social and relaxation time.  The mobile app makes it easy to capture these thoughts in IQTELL’s CollectBox.  The CollectBox is perfect for all of the on-the-go stuff that enters into my head.  

The CollectBox

The CollectBox

In two clicks I can have the CollectBox open (one click if I’ve been in it recently as the app remembers where you were) and entering in my thought.  I don’t use speech-to-text much, but there is that option as well.  

I don’t bother at this point deciding a next action or do any GTD thinking about the thought.  I just capture it and then, the next time I’m in the office I review the CollectBox and decide what action needs to be taken.

One thing I’d really like to see with the CollectBox is a way to add attachments – especially photos.  Right now I take two steps – I capture the image and save to Evernote and then put a note in the CollectBox.  I suppose ideally I would treat Evernote’s Inbox as another collection box, but I need to limit my inboxes or I’ll get overwhelmed.  I’m not sure it if is doable, but it would be great to add an attachment that automatically saved to Evernote and created a linked CollectBox item.

From within the app it is pretty easy to review CollectBox items and assign them to Actions or make a new Project, but  adding a CollectBox item to an existing project takes several steps.   To do that you have to move the item to an Action, then go to Actions, open the Action and connect it to a project.  Similarly in email you can’t connect an email to an existing Action or Project as you can in the desktop app.  (See my update, below)

However, I do like that under projects it is easy to add Action items with just a click.    Most of  the limitations with the mobile app are limitations with IQTELL’s desktop as well.  My only real peeve with IQTELL over all is the way it handles emails – the threading is awful.  Once an email has been assigned to a project or action any emails in the same thread should automatically attach.  There should also be a way to create an email from right within an Action or Project.

But again, these issues aren’t limited to the mobile app and as IQTELL is just starting out it will just build upon its current platform.  Today, without access to my desktop IQTELL app, the mobile app was a lifesaver and I’ve managed to click off 8 next actions (including this blog post)!

As an aside, using IQTELL motivated me to go back and re-read “Getting Things Done” by David Allen, the founder of GTD.  It is reminding me of many parts of the system that I’ve dropped, like weekly reviews.

Update:  I used the IQTELL app on my tablet last night and found additional feature – you can assign actions from within projects and also an email to a project.  In fact it has the same functionality as the website.  I’m going to revisit the phone app today and make sure I’m not missing something.


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