Is “The Fold” An Anachronism?

Is “The Fold” An Anachronism?

The concept of “above the fold” on a web page – the part of the page that is displayed first – is no longer relevant according to Luke Wroblewski.

Think about it – where is the fold these days?  With the wide variety of display options, from ultra-wide (or tall) desktop screens down to smart phones, the view changes and users expect to scroll down.

Wroblewski cites studies that show most users start scrolling before the whole page loads; any call to action at the top of the page is going to be missed if that is true.  So where are people looking?  Right at or below the traditional fold or the bottom of the viewing area.

I encourage you to read the entire article – Wroblewski points out that the call to action should be placed “where people become convinced to act”:

The issue isn’t whether the call to action is visible.  The issue is whether your call to action is visible at the point where someone has become convinced to take action.

Another good design point – design your pages so users know there is more content.  That means placing content across the folds to encourage vertical scrolling (never horizontal please).

Read the entire article here.


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