Make WordPress Page Listings Work for You

While I’m a WordPress advocate there are some issues with it that push my buttons.  Top and center are the Page list all pages.

For small sites these views work fine, but if you have a site with lots of layers – pages that are nested with child and even grandchild sub-pages – it becomes very difficult to find the page you are looking for.

One client has nearly 400 WordPress pages – many of which are child pages and many page names are similar.  Searching for an individual page is impossible; if you haven’t noticed, the search action on the listing page searches for the term in the page itself, not just in the title.  My client is a plastic surgeon, so if I’m searching for the page called “Skin” almost all of her other pages appear in the search because skin is a word featured on most pages!

My solution was to create a plugin that would add a drop-down select box filter containing a list of only pages with children.

Here are some screen shots:

Display list of all pages

Display list of all pages

Filtered list of only children of "WordPress Plugins"

Filtered list of only children of “WordPress Plugins”

What is especially nice about this is that you can target children of children.  The drop down shows all the pages that have children, even if that page is a child itself.  This makes it easier to locate those pages buried deep.

I have a few more tweaks before the plugin is ready for the repository, but if you have a comment or feature suggest, please leave a comment.

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