Member’s Only Sites

If you have a membership of any kind, want to offer custom content just to certain users, or provide access to information to your employees, a member’s only site is for you.  Each customer’s need is different, but here are some examples of sites that I have created.  Unfortunately, due to the private nature of the sites I cannot give access to the site.  If you’d like to learn more contact me to schedule an appointment and I can walk you through some interfaces.  Most recently I’ve worked on:

Washington Farmer’s Market Association:  This application collects information from the membership which is then plotted to a Google map.  The member information is accessed by administrators in various formats, including a spreadsheet-like, sortable grid, member detail pages and various reports which are output to Excel.  There is also a login area for members to see their membership information.

JAC Recruitment:  This company collects employment information and a resume/CSV from applicants from a front-end form.  The information for each recruit is saved to a database and accessible by members of the company both online and by download to Excel.

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