Menus: Drop Down, Graphic and Social Media Style

Caveat:  I got all of these examples from somewhere over the years and collected them in a folder.  If you recognize your work let me know – I want to give you credit!

Vertical Drop Down

Basically styled, this dropdown is lightweight and supports nested submenus.

View Demo  I like this menu.  It is very minimalist, but the CSS could be jazzed up if you need more flair.  It is nice and clean though and will work everywhere.

Clean Drop Navigation

When clicked, the submenus drop down from a rounded button.  Though I have the buttons on a contrasting background, you could make them both the same for a cleaner look, or add a gradient for a more 3-d feel.

Graphic Background Menu

An awesome way to use a custom background and break out of the horizontal menu look.

Garage Door Sliding Menu

On hover the images for each button slide up to reveal text behind the button.  I think this one is unusual as well and add some interest to a page.

YouTube Style Buttons

Buttons that are unobtrusive, but when hovered over seem to pop up.  I need to work on coding a solution for the dropdowns for these buttons.

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