Miscellaneous Cool Things for Websites

Here you will find interesting pieces of code and markup that add functionality to your site.

  • Menu: Examples of JQuery and pure CSS menu navigation
  • Layouts: Different layout styles available with new HTML/CSS patterns
  • Custom Form Handler: Our form handler checks for spam, sends a confirmation email to the visitor and an email with the form data to you. All emails can be formatted and customized and after submission the form can redirect to any page on your site you wish.
  • Edit in Place: Do you want an announcement section on your home page? Maybe a tips box? Don’t go to the expense of having a web designer change your page; this script will allow you to easily make changes to a specified area on your site whenever you want. Very, very simple to use.
  • Grids: These help you display information the way it is most useful. Sort, search, even allow editing and deletion right from the grid if you want it password protected.
  • Calendars:
    • My Calendar – Similar to a Google Calendar. Ideal for keeping a schedule for an office
    • Full Calendar – Easily customized calendar – very basic front-end style that can be changed to fit into your site.
  • Datepickers: Never make your users type in a date again! Simply click on an icon, a popup calendar appears, click on a date and the date box is automatically populated.
  • Photos and Images:
    • PhotoSlider – use images and text – each can be linked to a different URL. Several different effects and can be any size. Good for a lot of different uses – headers, banners, specials.
    • Flickr Gallery – uses Flickr photostream to create a gallery of images. Can be limited to specific Flickr sets – see how I use it on my blog to show a set called “blog”. When I add a photo to that set, it appears on the page.
  • Weather: Anyone can put a weather.com widget on their site. This little application will take information directly from the NOAA weather service or any other weather reporting station (provided it publishes its data on the internet in a standard format). It can even combine information from several different sources.
  • Charts: Five different styles of charts for dynamic or static data sources.
  • Tooltips: Make nice-looking tips pop up when you hover over a link.
  • Lightbox: An elegant way to show text, forms, logins, photographs, maps, anything that needs to be emphasized.


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