More Notification Plugins for Your Website or Application

Yesterday I talked about Gritter, my favorite notification plugin, but there are times you want something different.  Noty and Notify! each handle notifications in a different way and have a place in the website design toolbox.


In a nutshell, Noty lets you place a popup anywhere on the screen with formatting for Warning, Information, Notification, Error and Success.  This is a nifty plugin, fairly lightweight and easy to style to fit in with your site:



Notify‘s notifications appear at the top of the browser screen.  I’ve seen this kind of notification quite a bit, but I’m not entirely sure they stand out enough on a busy site.  That said, you could style the notification to appear lower, within an element for example.  In the demo I moved the notification to appear below my header:


How to choose which type of notification to use?  It really depends on your audience and what they will respond to best.  For notifications that aren’t error warnings, I like Gritter.  For warnings, depending on the context and site layout something like Notify! or Noty works better.

While I was looking up the homepage links for Noty and Notify! I found lots more notification plugins that I’ll test out.  If you have one you’d like me to take a look at, email me or DM me on Twitter.



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