Posting to WordPress With IFTTT

Posting to WordPress With IFTTT

IFTTT, or If This Then That, is a powerful tool that creates a bridge between your WordPress site and a slew of web based applications.  You can use it to push posts from your site to different applications, but in this post we will concentrate on creating posts on your WordPress site.

Sign Up for IFTTT and Activate Your WordPress Channel

Signing up is easy; just go to and click on the huge blue button.

Once you are all signed in you need to set up your channels.  Channels are the web apps that you use and setting up a channel basically consists of giving IFTTT permission to talk to your account on that web app.  You will definitely want set up your WordPress channel.

IFTTT will ask for your URL, login name and password and connect to your site.  Now you will need to add channels that you want to post from.

Popular Channels to Use with WordPress

You could use any channel with WordPress, but most users stick with social media sites.


Obvious choices include:

  • Instagram
  • Flickr
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

With these you can create WordPress Posts from images, status updates and tweets.

Depending on the information you want to share on your WordPress site you could:

  • Activate the Android Photo channel and autopost photos you take on your smartphone.
  • Hook up your Sony Lifelog, Fitbit, Nike+ or Jawbone UP account to share your daily steps.
  • Link into Last.Fm to report the music you listened to.
  • Share articles from Feedly to your blog
  • Post NASA’s Image of the Day
  • Post the Weather report (tip: add a tag or category for weather and display in a widget on your home page)
  • Post the Daily exchange rate between any two currencies (another good one for a widget)


Watch Out for Loops!

The biggest problem I see when people start using IFTTT to repost to their WordPress blog is looping.  If you have a WordPress plugin that sends a tweet each time you post and you set up IFTTT to post your tweets, you’ll get stuck in a loop.  Likewise if you send your posts to Facebook.  The best way around this is to assign a tag to anything you post from IFTTT (I use IFTTT as the tag) and then I exclude that tag from being shared out to Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else.


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