, hosted yearly conferences about language development and teaching in southeast Asia.  After each conference they publish a publication containing all of the papers presented at the conference. They needed a way for users to be able to search the papers and browse the publications, which are all in PDF format.

I created a database and search function so that users could easily see the list of publications and click to display the title, author name(s) and an excerpt of the abstract for each article.  The user can also filter the articles by entering a keyword or phrase.  The article appears if the keyword/phrase appears within the title, author name or abstract.

One consideration was speed.  Connection speeds in the region of SE Asia can be slow, so they needed a search/filter method that was speedy.

This is a very new project and the client has not yet entered all of the publications or articles – but they were very pleased with the result.

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February 11, 2015