Redesigning an Admin Interface to a Database Part 1

Many of my clients need database applications for their website, and some time ago I built a module system that I could use as a base for more customized functionality.  The modules work together to create an admin area – a password protected part of the site where the administrator can add, edit and delete items from the database.

For example, Washington Farmers Markets Association uses a database to gather member information which then displays on a Google Map on the public side of their website.



Other clients use custom database applications to:

  • collect registration information for potential students
  • collect job applicant information and track interviews
  • create a custom catalog of employee uniforms for franchise-based organizations

The Problem

My code was around 5 years old and really needed updating from the group up and the interface – the look and feel of the admin site pages – was down-right ugly.  I needed to start all over.

The Template

I decided to use a template system from ThemeForest called Developr to give my new interface a fresh, modern look.  It includes styling and jquery code for everything I could ever want; forms, columns, modal and popup notifications – you name it, it is included.  The learning curve was pretty easy once I stepped into it.


You can test drive this template here.  Use anything for the username and password.

In my next post I’ll talk about authentication and getting the basic framework set up.


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