Round Up of This and That

There’s been an item on my to-do list forever:  ”Clean Out To-Blog Folder”.  When I’m browsing the web or reading my RSS feeds I bookmark stuff I find interesting and want to come back to.  And then I never visit those links again.

Today, finding myself with some unaccustomed free time I decided to clean out this catch-all.  There is a lot of puzzling stuff in there:

Some responsive web design links (now that I look at them, I think they need to be in

But here is some gold:

And nearly a hundred jQuery or WP plugins that I wanted to remember.  I guess I have some blogging to do!





/* <![CDATA[ */
nRelate.domain = "";
var entity_decoded_nr_mp_url = jQuery('‘).html(“”).text();
/* ]]> */

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