WordPress has 60% of the CMS marketWordPress is software that is installed where your website is and can be used to:

  • run your entire website, making your site easy to change or update.
  • run as a blog alongside your current website.
  • power an online store, complete with shipping and payment modules.

WordPress of all websites and is the most-used content management system (CMS) in the world. It makes your site easier to use by automatically updating menus and enforcing a framework for each page so all of the pages in the site look the same.  Set up correctly, you can even manage the content in your header, footer and sidebars.

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WordPress Services

Installing WordPress

We handle the installation of WordPress on your hosting account, but we don’t stop there.  Included with all of our installation packages are 10 plugins vital to the health and usefulness of your website:

  • WP SEO by Yoast – the leading SEO plugin for WordPress
  • WP-Super Cache – helps speed up page loading for visitors
  • Google Analytics – data about your site’s visitors
  • WP-SpamFree – cuts down on comment and form spam
  • Google XML Sitemap Generator – helps Google index your site
  • iThemes Security – robust security and backup software
  • Gravity Forms – the best form plugin for WordPress
  • Really Simple Captcha – adds captchas to Gravity Forms
  • Font Awesome More Icons – Use icons in your pages and posts
  • Google Fonts – Integrate Google Fonts into your site.


Installation Packages

Each client is different and with different needs come different prices, which is why I don’t put prices on my website.  Let’s talk about what you need and what your budget is and we can find a price that works for you.

Themes & Content

Themes are used to give your site a certain look.  If you already have a website, we can create a theme from your current site.  Want a change?  There are options for every budget:

  • Free Theme
  • Premium Themes (usually $5-$75)
  • Custom Themes – work with a graphic design for an entirely unique site.

No matter what option you choose we will customize the theme so that editing parts of your site such as the menus, footers, headers as well as the main content, is easy; so easy you can do it yourself!

Having trouble writing content for your site?  We can help with that as well as research images (royalty-free or premium) for your website.


Plugins are mini-applications that work with WordPress to add functionality.  Your customer’s needs dictate the kinds of plugins that are required.  Here are just a few of the premium plugins I’ve worked with recently:

  • EventEspresso – event registration and management
  • WP Property Management – manage rental properties
  • Google Maps – Add Google Maps with custom links and popups
  • Event Calendar – shows upcoming community events
  • WooCommerce – a complete eCommerce Solution

We also create custom plugins to solve unique needs:

  • A customized button that the client could put on certain pages
  • Changing how the admin page list is viewed to make it easier to find a page
  • A plugin that outputs nicely-formatted quote blocks
  • A “breaking news” plugin.
  • A Google Maps plugin that imports GPS coordinates and shows them as lines on a Google map.

BP Custom Plugins

We work hard on our plugins and are proud to have a number accepted to the WordPress Repository.  We host them here as well!

eCommerce & Stores

WordPress offers excellent eCommerce integration with plugins.  There are many different options available depending on what kind of product or service you are selling.  We’ve worked on sites that sold:

  • tickets to musical events,
  • orchids and orchid-growing supplies,
  • health and beauty products,
  • jewelry,
  • home chef services,
  • custom gun holsters,
  • leather products,
  • cooking classes,
  • special city tours, and
  • court-ordered class sessions.

We’ve also integrated FedEx, USPS, UPS, and custom delivery options as well as worked with several merchant gateways to provide clients with a store that works for them.

Security and Maintenance

Worried about security?  WordPress is very secure and is updated against the latest threats on a regular basis.  Although some updates can be set to run automatically, it is a good idea to update plugins and WordPress itself manually because you can create a backup and revert if the update fails.

That said, creating a backup and running updates is just a matter of pushing 2-4 buttons and should be done on a weekly basis.  Too busy?  Have Beyond Paper run updates and perform regular security checks for you!  For as little as $8/mo (yearly plan) you can have the peace of mind that your site is up to date!

Ask about security and maintenance packages today!