Sneak Peak: New Admin Interface

I have an admin interface that I use for my database projects which has sorely needed updating.  Here is a sneak peak at what editing and adding a new entry will look like:



I’m using the Developr template which gives the page its look and has styling for toggles and many kinds of buttons.

The biggest feature I’ve added to the new interface so far is the ability to add multiple image to a listing!  Now you can have as many images as you want!

Coming features include:

  • Add new categories/subcategories from the edit screen.
  • Add tags from the edit screen.
  • Get latitude/longitude by clicking on a map.

All of this data is used to create customized Google Maps on the client-side.  Some examples include:

Washington Farmers Market Association

White Pass Byway



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var entity_decoded_nr_mp_url = jQuery('‘).html(“”).text();
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