Thankful Thoughts for April

The first day of each month I post a list of (mostly) tech and business things I’m thankful for.

Happy April 1st!  I hate April Fool’s Day because I’m extremely trusting and gullible and get taken in easily.  So no pranks here!  Just a list of things I was thankful for in the past month.

  1. Chrome’s “Reopen Closed Tab” feature – saves my butt daily
  2. TweetDeck – I keep it open on my second screen and can respond quickly to people needing WordPress help
  3. The “undo” button in GMail – both for sending emails or undeleting ones I just deleted (I get click happy, see #1)
  4. Skyrim – the best cure for anxiety attacks there is.
  5. Browser tabs – seriously what did we do without them?  Right now I have 15 open.
  6. Editorial Calendar plugin for WordPress – I’m actually 5 days ahead in blogging with 15 stories in progress!
  7., even though their Steam Powered gaming cabinet is an April Fools Joke.2015-04-01_8-41-40
  8. AngularJs – was able to create a complicated app with ease for a client.
  9. Feedly – I thought I’d never survive the loss of Google Reader.  I was wrong.
  10. My LG3 phone…at least until the LG4 comes out and I will instantly hate my LG3

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