The Brain Enhances My Brain

The Brain Enhances My Brain

As a tech enthusiast I try lots of new applications, most of which I stop using after a period of time.  The Brain is different and I can definitely see myself using it forever.  Yes, really.  Forever.  That is because it increases its value the more I use it.

What is The Brain?

The Brain is a mind map that operates like your real brain.  Not familiar with mind maps?  Check out this article.

A Mind Map

WordPress Thought

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Where a mind map is essentially two dimensional, The Brain is multi-dimensional.  Each item or “thought” in The Brain can be the parent, child and sibling of another thought.  At the same time.  For example, I have a thought called “WordPress”.  I write code for a living and write custom templates and plugins for WordPress so I put the thought “WordPress” under a thought called “Coding”.  But WordPress is also a Web Applications, so I have it as a child of “Web Apps” as well.

So, if I click on either “Coding” or “Web Apps” I will see “WordPress” among other entries.  But there is a lot of other information I associate with WordPress. There are code snipppets that I use over and over, clients for whom I’ve created WordPress sites, Plugins I’ve written, information I’ve collected about troubleshooting WordPress-specific problems, etc.  All of these “children” link to WordPress, but they also link to other thoughts in my Brain as well.

For example, “My Plugins”, which are plugins I’ve written for WordPress, is also a child of a thought called “Me” where I’ve collected everything that is personal to me.  “Snippets” also falls under Coding->Snippets so if I click on the thought “Snippets” under Coding I will see a list of apps and languages that I have collected code snippets for.

Thus I can see relationships between pieces of information, just like my real brain makes connections.  Not all of you are coders, so the above may not sound that useful, but The Brain offers free videocasts as well as short videos about using The Brain and most are business focused.

About Thoughts

Thoughts can be anything – a link (or even collection of links) to web information, images, audio, video, Word files, Excel spreadsheets, really anything.  For my clients I have a link to the folder on my computer with their application files, a link to the signed project proposal, a link to their website, and a link to an Evernote page where I store information about the client.  Sometimes I include links to their Linked In profile, Facebook page or Twitter handle.  If there is a project manager, designer or someone else associated with the client I can link them as a sibling.  Just by clicking on their “thought” in my Brain I can access everything I know about them, no matter where I have it stored.


I hope this makes you curious to try The Brain.  While writing this article several more in-depth topics occurred to me, so expect more posts about The Brain in the future!

The Brain offers a 30-day free trial and I suggest you do try it out.  Watch a few of the videocasts; I recommend watching The Brain 101 or joining one of the weekly videocasts.  I’ve also found their recorded events very interesting.


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