Tweetable Quotes in WordPress

Tweetable Quotes in WordPress

I’m really loving the newish click to tweet quotes found on websites like  As show below, these take the form of a quote that you can click on to automatically tweet on your own account.

Clickable Tweet

Clickable tweet seen on

After click on the tweet

This popup appears after clicking on the tweet.

A tweetable quote (or clickable tweet) is immensely useful for two reasons:

  1. You have control over the text and hashtag and need not depend on the reader to get the real gist of your content.
  2. The quote appears in a block; it stands out to readers. Thus even if the reader doesn’t click to tweet, you are getting eyes on the main point(s) you want to make.

Implementing Tweetable Quotes in WordPress

As you’d expect there are plugins.  Click to Tweet is probably the most popular (the example above uses it).  The main problem I have with it is that the plugin appends the complete URL to your tweet – it doesn’t use an URL shortener like  Although Twitter will use their own shortener on it, the link could still take up to 23 characters.  I’m also not a fan of the “via” part.  As a proponent of short tweets, the long URL is unacceptable to me.  In fact, when I use Click to Tweet on other sites I change the URL to a URL.

Better Click to Tweet is very similar in look to Click to Tweet, but allows you to remove the “via”  and provides an option to use the WordPress short URL.  If you use a plugin like shortlinks your WordPress short URLs will be URLs.

Leslie McDaniel has a write-up on how to manually create clickable tweet links.  There are quite a few steps though.

Twittee lets you control all aspects of your tweet, including the URL, but it attaches to text as a link – it doesn’t automatically put the quotable text into a formatted box.  That isn’t to say you couldn’t do that yourself though.

So…What Do I Recommend Using?

Better Click to Tweet along with the Shortlinks plugin  appears to be the best solution right now.  In the future maybe someone can create a plugin with a built-in link shortener.



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