Updating Inspiration Posts Plus New Additions

Updating Inspiration Posts Plus New Additions

Recently I’ve been going over beyond-paper.com, making sure links are working and tutorials are current.  After several server moves, a switch to https and time, I found quite a few of my Inspiration posts were out of date.

Inspiration posts are neat little ideas for websites, each with a working demo, so it is important to get them up to date.  A few were impossible because some information providers (Facebook and Twitter, I’m looking at you) have removed or substantially changed how data is shared.  I noted on the post if the demo is not working.  For the posts where the demos are working, I embedded the demos in iframes so that you can interact with the demo right on the page.

In going through the demos, I have about 50 that I have never even posted about!  I’m going to go through them one-by-one and get  them all posted over the next 3 months.

Have an inspiration you want me to take a look at?  Contact me at diane@beyond-paper.com.

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