Wednesday Roundup

A mid-week roundup of topics that aren’t long enough for their own post, applications I’m testing, and information that I just find interesting.


Free for commercial and personal use, these professional images are superb.  Please remember to give proper attribution so the photographer keeps adding images!


I’m checking out this alternative to WordPress because I’ve heard the post editor is much easier to use.  Expect a future article about my experience.


Another WordPress alternative.  I used it awhile back but didn’t like it, but decided it was time to take another look.  Word is it isn’t as flexible as WordPress, but the Economist, Examiner, and the White House all use it.


Labelled as more a content management platform than a blogging platform, I decided to test it because it looks interesting.

Quantative Queries for CSS

Fascinating discussion of using CSS to target quantities of objects.  The example they use is a menu.  It will have one kind of styling if there are 5 or less menu items, but a different kind of styling if there are more (smaller font, less padding, etc).

Testimonial Basics

I’m trying something different – a WordPress plugin that will help you collect testimonials and and post them on your site.  When I successfully help someone on Twitter I ask if they’ll leave me a rating and testimonial. I set up a “hidden” page with the input form and I send that link to the person from whom I’m asking a testimonial.  I’ve collected a couple of testimonials in just two days and hope to add more as I ask clients for testimonials.

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