What Do You Want To Do?

What Do You Want To Do?

2015-04-28_10-20-51I’m taking Seth Godin‘s Freelancer Course on Udemy.  After ten years of freelancing work I feel I could use a refresher, a reorientation, a rejuvenation and this seems like a good start.

There are exercises, of course, and Seth encourages us to put them “out there”, publish them, create conversations about our ideas.  This first exercise explore who I am as a freelancer.

What do I want to do?

Technology is my passion.  If we could afford a completely smart house (and the technology was all available), I’d be ecstatic.  Since neither the money nor the technology is quite here, I want to learn everything I can about internet technology and smart home technology and get others excited about it as well.  As I learn about new internet applications and technology, and increase my skills in current technology, I want to apply the knowledge to websites to make them fun, interactive and valuable to clients.  Education is a key feature; I want to educate everyone about the wierd, wonderful world that is the internet so they can use it, not fear it.

Who do I want to change, and how do I want to change them?

My joy is working with people who know little about websites or website design, but have a vision of how they want the internet to work for them.  Creating that vision for clients and teaching them how to use it is wonderful and we form a relationship where they come back again and again for help to add to or adjust their vision of their website.  I want to change people who have little (or an inadequate) web presence into confident users, contributors and consumers.

How much risk (from 1 [a little] to 10 [bet everything]), am I willing to incur to make the change I seek?

The change is actually pretty small, so I can accept more risk.  I’d say around 9.

How much work am I willing to do to get there?

And here we have it – the nitty gritty.  Am I willing to put the time in to learn new programming methods and languages?  Can I stick to it?  Right now I can say I’m willing to put in 4 hours a day to advance my business – learning a couple of new languages and programming methods and researching/testing new technology.

For the risk and effort I’m putting into it, does this project matter?

Yes.  With more knowledge and experience in more cutting edge areas of internet technology I can capture more substantial, interesting jobs.  In educating and helping others I expand my circle of influence and the potential word of mouth referral that is essential in my business.  Finally, which the effort is a lot for me, the risk is pretty minimal – I can keep my current client and income base.

It is possible?

Oh yes.  It has been done before by people in far more precarious financial circumstances and with less free time.

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