WordPress BP Pretty Quote: New Pullquote Style

The BP Pretty Quote plugin, which is free in the WordPress repository, has a new style: Pullquote.

Most of the current styles are appropriate for quoting famous people or for creating a post just containing that quote.  The Pullquote style is different.  Use it in long, text-heavy WordPress Posts or Pages to [bpiq style = “pullquote”]highlight important thoughts or concepts and break up the wall of text[/bpiq]. This style of quote is popular in magazines and newspapers and now you can add it to your own site.

How to Use It

Assuming you have BP Pretty Quote installed and updated, write your post/page content first.  Pick out the quote you want to highlight and put the shortcode around it like this:

[[bpiq style = “pullquote” position=”right” width=”30%” color=”#FFF” textcolor=”#666″]The quoted text here in your paragraph[/bpiq]]

You don’t need to include all of the options except for “style”.  The position, width, color and textcolor options I used above are all defaults, so just reference them if you want to change one.

The quote will stay as it is in your paragraph, it will just be duplicated to appear as the pullquote.  You can see the result in the following screenshot:


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