WordPress Plugin: BP Expire Category

I’m excited to announce my first WordPress plugin: BP Expire Category.  It adds a box to the edit post page which allows you to assign a category with an expiration date.

Why Do I Need That?

screenshot-1My concept was to create a simple way to assign posts to a category like “Breaking News” or “Upcoming Events” along with a date when the category would be removed from the post.  Those posts could be displayed on a separate category page,  widget box or even custom coded into a template and you would never need to go back and remove the category from the post when the event or news is old.

Both the post and the category remain unchanged; only the link between them is removed.  The post will still show up as normal on your blog and the category stays attached to other posts.

You can install the plugin directly from the WordPress plugin repository.

If you find this plugin useful, please review it!  Thank you!

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