WordPress Plugin: BP Post to Google Map

WordPress Plugin: BP Post to Google Map

A few months ago I reviewed a theme called Explorable which featured a Google map on which you could place markers.  I didn’t like how the information for the map markers was collected; the designer had create a whole new post type separate from regular blog posts.

I thought there might be a need for the ability to add latitude/longitude coordinates to regular posts in WordPress so that those posts could be displayed on a Google Map.  That was the inspiration for BP Post to Google Map.

BP Post to Google Map WordPress Plugin

Users can choose which posts to show on a map.  Those that are shown have infowindow popups that can show featured images, title and the post excerpt.  The title and “read more” text link to the main post and the infowindow can be customized with the general settings tab (found under Settings->BP Post to Google Map).  The default map center and zoom level can also be set.

Who Might Use This?

A few minutes of brainstorming came up with:

  • Photographers wanting to show images by location
  • Writers to link their stories to locations
  • Travel Bloggers
  • Restaurant reviewers
  • Vacation rental companies

What’s Next?

A premium version is in the works which will add the following features:

  • Geocoding by address or city, state, country
  • Custom map markers
  • Assign custom map marker by post
  • Additional infowindow customization

Suggestions for features are welcome, just email them to diane@beyond-paper.com.


If you use BP Post to Google Map please review it at WordPress.org.  Thank you!

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