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How often do you backup your WordPress database?  I’m really bad about my own backup schedules and was excited to find out that I can schedule backups and save them to my Google Drive.  The plugin, Google Drive for WordPress so far seems to do a good job.  My first manual backup occurred, through I haven’t had it installed long enough for my requested automated weekly backup to happen.  I’ll update if I find a problem with that.

Setup was harder than it needed to be due to lack of instructions.  First of all, instead of putting the menu item down under “Settings” or at the bottom of the menu, it is placed up top, right under “Posts”.  That was confusing.

Configuration required a client id and client secret from Google, and a link is provided, but there are several options you can choose from.  After trial and error here is what I did:

  • Copy the URL that is provided on the configuration page

  • From the Google page that the link sends you to, choose either “Create an OAuth Id” or “Create Another Id”.
  • From the popup, choose the first option “Web Application”
  • Where it asks for “Your site or hostname” choose “more options that you copied in step one above.
  • Where it says “Authorized Javascript origins” type in your website URL


  •  Click on create client ID.

The popup will close and you will see a box with your information in it.  Just copy and paste the Client ID and Client Secret and then click through the two “allow access” screens.  Whew!

The remaining steps are much more straight forward.  You’ll first set up your backup settings:

You can apparently get a notication email and I’m assuming the “Custom Main ID” will appear in the subject line of the email, but who knows?  Another place where some explanation would be nice.

And then your database settings.  I don’t suggest excluding any database files.

You have the option of excluding certain files from the backup.  I suggest leaving everything as-is on the “Manage Files” menu item.

Finally, the “On time Backup” menu item apparently backs up your files immediately.

I like the idea of this plugin and I like being able to schedule regular backups to my Google Drive account, but the plugin definitely needs some documentation and helpful notes for a smooth installation.  It would be pretty easy just add this to each configuration page.  As it is, I would recommend novice users have their webmaster install this for them.


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