WordPress Plugin Review: Auto Save Remote Image

Did you know that articles with images get 94% more views?  Images also can improve your SEO (search engine optimization), especially if you use the title attribute.  Finding images is a whole ‘nother issues, but how you can easily grab an image from the internet and include it in your blog post is solved by Auto Save Remote Image.

This plugin doesn’t just link to the photograph on your site, but copies it to your own host, so if it disappears from its original location you are still hosting it on your own. It also sets the image as your featured image automatically

Here is how I use it:

I generally search Flickr for my images, using the advanced search feature and looking only for images that are Creative Commons-licensed and allow me to use the image commercially:

Once I’ve found my image, I right-click to copy the URL of the image:

And then, in my blog post I click on the Upload/Insert link and page in the URL

Once the blog is published, the Autosave Remote Images plugin looks for the first off-site image in your post; it then downloads it, adds it to your media gallery, and automatically sets it as the Featured Image for the post. It will also download any other remote images into your media gallery.

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