WordPress Shortcodes

Shortcodes in WordPress are an easy way to insert information without needing to know programming.  It consists of the name of the shortcode within a pair of brackets like this:  [[shortcode]].

When WordPress loads a page with the shortcode for someone to read it knows to access an application that then returns the information that should appear in that space on the page.  What kind of information?

  • Advertising – Add Google, Amazon or other ads.  With some services you can include a search variable or keyword to customize the advertising to your particular post.
  • Pertinent Information – Writing about stocks?  Use a shortcode that will display the current price and day’s movement. [stock code=GM]  Not the price on the day you wrote the article, but the price on the day someone READS it.
  • Special formatting – Have image you want formatted a certain way?  [special]Want special formatting for text?[/special]  A shortcode solves this problem without needing to know how to code HTML.
  • Embed Charts – Is your site heavy on data?  A shortcode could easily embed a chart to add visual interest.
  • Display Related Posts – Add a list of links to posts you’ve previous written on the subject.
  • Add a Google Map to a post.
  • Add PayPal “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart” buttons – formatted automatically with your merchant information.

Even better – you don’t need to memorize shortcodes, because I can add them to the editing toolbar!

Simply click on the button and a series of popup boxes ask you any information needed for the shortcode (such as URLs, data for the Chart, Number of Related Posts to show, etc).

Almost anything that would make it easier for you to post, I can create a shortcode for it.  Contact me today to find out how!



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