WordPress Site Owners Neglect Regular Backups and Maintenance

Websites, whether run on WordPress or static sites, aren’t something you can just put online and then never think about again.  They need backups and updating, but is that being done?  In a study of 503 WordPress customers done by Codeguard and reported on the Small Business Computing site:

  • Less than 1/2 of the site were backed up regularly
  • 47% reported backing up “every few months”
  • 54% ran updates from once a week to every few weeks
  • 70% had a plugin fail after an update
  • 44% had no website or IT person to assist with site problems
  • 22% said backups were unimportant to them
  • 63% reported deleting files that were not backed up

Despite this, 24% said that their sites were vital to their business and they “would pay ‘almost anything’ to completely restore their sites”.

crash photoHere is just a sample of problems I’ve dealt with for clients who didn’t have site backups:

  • A Zen Cart ecommerce site was hacked and she lost all of her images (hundred), which weren’t backed up anywhere.
  • A static website’s home page was replaced with terrorist propaganda.
  • A client tried to move her WordPress site herself without moving the database – several years of posts were lost.
  • A vengeful ex-husband deleted his ex-wife’s site.
  • A client made changes to the templates on his WordPress site, causing it to fail.
  • A small local hosting company suddenly went of of business and all of the sites it hosted were deleted.

Site maintenance is vital to the health of your website.  Save yourself time and money – keep to a strict backup schedule and if you are using WordPress, check your site for updates weekly.


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